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Furniture of Costa Rica

Furniture of Costa Rica is custom-made furniture

We have been creating custom-made furniture for over 24 years at our factory in the "furniture capital" of Costa Rica, the little town of Sarchí located just outside of San Jose Costa Rica.

We can customized every room of your house:

  1. Living Room
  2. Interior or Exterior Doors
  3. Bedroom
  4. Outdoor
  5. Dining Room
  6. Kitchen Cabinets is one of our specialties, and
  7. Cabinetry for every room in the house.

After you tell us what are your needs on custom-made furniture we can make it.

We will use your design, photos and ideas to make the furniture exactly as you wish. We can customize your furniture in exact size, style, color, and fabric.

We offer many styles in addition to your typical Costa Rican Rustic styles, such as Minimalist, Modern, Art Deco, Louis XV, and even Chippendale!

We will also happily work with your Interior Design specialist. We understand personalizing is important for you, so as we always tell our clients, "Get picky!"

If you need the bed to be a certain height, or you are working around a home design issue such as a window that is too low - no problem!

Do you want drawers underneath your bed or bunk bed? Or would you like a secret compartment for valuable objects? No problem, we’ll make it happen!

Do you like carvings, perhaps antique carvings or gothic style? Or even one of our tropical woods with a marine/nautical style or scene? We can make it happen.

If it is kitchen cabinets or built in cabinetry you need, we are pleased to come visit you in your home at a time that is convenient, take measurements, talk about distribution of the cabinets in order to make the most of your space, and then send you a drawing with dimensions.

We can stain or paint your furniture choosing from hundreds of stains and colors. In most cases we would send you samples of your chosen colors for your final approval.

We use natural, Kiln-dried, sustainable Costa Rican hardwoods. This will give your new home a finishing touch of the Costa Rica that we all love. We place emphasis on DRY as opposed to damp wood which is much cheaper but will cause the furniture to degrade and warp.

Our production commitment goal is to deliver on or before schedule! We can also deliver and set up for you. Our references come from 100% of our past customers.

Just ask and we will put you in contact with our satisfied customers, and some of your neighbors may very well be on that list! You can also look at what they have to say about our service on our website.

We also offer a Lifetime Limited Warranty on Fine Furniture of Sarchi products. No other company in Costa Rica does this, and normally, once you pay, any warranty is gone.

You probably already know this. Our goal is for you to be fully satisfied with your our work, and it will a be a pleasure to make that happen for you. Call or email us now to start a dialog about your particular needs. We look forward to meeting you!

Bedroom Furniture

Bedrooms are the type of rooms where furniture quantity is as important as functional furniture, for instance a small bedroom will require a double purpose furniture.

And since we custom make the furniture for you, you could get picky and ask to get a private compartment into a bed or dresser, well needed nowadays.

Are you thinking about a Murphy bed (Wall bed) for which we could add combination of closets on each side or a desk and bookshelves on the other, or a Bunk bed? No problem, we could add drawers underneath the mattress or even a trundle bed.

Also the bunk bed could come with a combination of bunk bed and desk or instead of a ladder we would build stairs which would work as drawers as well.

So many combinations we can make, basically you tell us what you need and we’ll make it happen.

Another point to take in consideration is the fact that the bedroom furniture has to be a complement to the house style, the good news is we can make your bed room set any style, from:

  1. Minimalist
  2. Modern
  3. Classic carved styles furniture
  4. Tropical carved animals (Lizards, monkeys, sloths, frogs)
  5. Birds such as (Toucans, macaws, quetzal)
  6. Deep sea ocean scene with carved fish, turtles, dolphins
  7. Any other you would like.

We can apply hundreds of solid colors and wood stain, your call.

Headboards can be upholstered using materials such as linen fabric, velvet fabric and including leather, and even wingback and/or buttons headboard, or styles as Slat rustic headboard, floating headboards , or beds like Canopy beds.

Create the coziest and inviting bedroom in the house with the use of the beds and nightstands you love.

Entire set that includes:

  1. Bed
  2. Nightstands
  3. Wardrobe
  4. Chest of drawers
  5. Armoire and Dresser to make the room came together

We are also distributors of:

  1. Serta
  2. King Koil
  3. Therapedic
  4. Jiron mattresses
  5. Selther mattresses

Bedroom furniture custom made in Costa Rica

Kitchen cabinets custom made

The kitchen is without a doubt the heart of the house that is the reason why the main gold is to make the kitchen cabinets a breathtaking master piece.

It is the area where family gathers often to enjoy a meal or a cup of coffee or even to entertain friends. This is the reason why the space needs to be as functional and practical as possible.

Here is where we come in. We will take precise and detailed measurements of the area, as well as give you some advice according to our experience in terms of placing the correct cabinet, or set our drawers where more needed.

Once the distribution of the cabinets and appliances have been defined, it is time to start working on color samples, the correct hardware such as lazy-susan or magic corner hardware for the corner cabinets, garbage can hardware, silverware trays, cookie pans shelves, spice racks for the upper and/or lower cabinets, even pantry pull out shelves or a complete metal hardware that comes out of the pantry cabinet for a much easier use of the space.

And finally the style, we can make traditional kitchen cabinets and kitchen island that includes lots of carvings, to modern flat panel cabinets.

Some modern cabinet go very well in two tone colors, such as white and light blue combinations , or a light gray bottom cabinets and lighter gray color for the uppers.

Coastal cabinet style that includes some bamboo door panels and the We have a catalog for handles and knobs to make the decision to choose hardware much easier, although nowadays some modern kitchen cabinet styles don’t use any hardware at all. Talking about hardware, all of our doors use self-closing hinges as well as self-closing sliders on all drawers and pull outs.

kitchen cabinets custom made in Costa Rica

Interior & front doors custom made

A well-made handcrafted custom front door will be a focal point that defines your home, and we are here to make it stand out.

One of our priorities is to make sure our doors are as secure and strong as possible, this is why we use the technic of mortise and tenon.

The style is your call, the good news is we can make any style.

Whether you want a panel’s front door, arched or round top door, or wanted to add side light and transom or wood accent panels, trim doors, or even more modern doors like flat panel pivot doors, no problem.

Carvings are optional as well, for example we could make a deep ocean scene or a tropical woods carvings with any bird or animal and any extract you like.

For interior doors we can make packet doors, barn doors, French doors, Panel and/or trim doors any style.


Outdoor Furniture

The most enjoyable area in the house, the outdoor area will give you additional living space for your house, we will help you to make sure your outdoor furniture is as comforting as you deserve.

Also important, we need to think about getting the most out of the space and make sure your outdoor furniture ends up being super comfortable and has a relaxing combination.

Knowing that most of the outdoor furniture is going to be exposed to the elements, we strongly recommend using Teak wood (we use natural, Kiln-dried, sustainable Costa Rican hardwoods) or Synthetic wicker for your beautiful outdoor areas.

Another thing to consider is the size of the area, you can play with many different deep seating combinations, for example, if you have a small area we would recommend chairs and/or loveseats, and as a complement, coffee tables and side tables, you can always add a small ottoman for a much more comfortable seating.

When you have a large patio, a comfortable, L shape sectional is the best chose. You could add large ottomans that will work as an extension of the sectional, even giving you the option to creating a chaise lounge.

Rectangular or round dining tables are a most, as well as high Bistro Table.

As far as the fabric goes, the most recommended material is Sunbrella fabrics. Sunbrella fabric have the largest outdoor fabrics selection you can find.

You’ll have hundreds of colors and patterns to choose from. Our distributor in Miami would love to send you samples directly to your house.

All of the covers on our cushions use zippers therefore all of them are removable and washable.

And as always, there is room for chaise lounge next to the poll, correct?

Also, some good ideas for patio areas are:

  1. Day beds
  2. Benches
  3. Hammocks
  4. Teak Wood Umbrellas
  5. Bar
  6. Stools furniture sets and even a loveseat swing,

You name it, we can make it.

Outdoor furniture custom made

Dining room furniture

Your dining set area will determine the shape of your dining table, whether it needs to be a rectangular table, or round table, we can make them any size you need.

There is also the option to make a dining table with extension sleeves, for example we can make a table for 6 that expanses to 8 or 10 chairs.

Dining chair styles are endless, we can make any style from modern, minimalist to a Luis XV with all its traditional carvings.

To add more style options the dining sets gives us the option to mix styles, for example, a Rustic dining table goes very well with seat and back upholstered chair with decorative nail heads, or a Gothic style table goes very nice with a modern dining chair or even a Queen Anne type of chair.

There are many different combinations. Another consideration is the arm chairs and/or wingback dining chairs at the end of the tables.

Wood carved chairs and tables would be a beautiful piece of art to your dining room. If you are looking to add more artwork into the ding room a console table or a credenza would be a good idea.

Not to mention the storage capacity and the option to place nice decorative items. One other item that matches very nice around the dining room is a china cabinet or wine cabinet.

Dining room furniture

Entertainment center units

Customizing your entertainment center is a most when we want the components to fit and look right to the cabinet.

Built in or freestanding cabinets for all you entertaining components such as audio equipment, video and gaming equipment and of course screen televisions.

Storage is very important to keep cd’s , dvd’s, games and charging plugs all hiding in order to keep the entertainment cabinet organize and looking beautiful all the time.

This is why the drawers, pull outs, fix shelves, floating shelves and open spaces are so important, we will adjust the sizes you need for each compartment and make everything look correct.

Whether you want straight lines wooden cabinet with nice modern colors ( or colors combinations for a nice contras ) or more traditional stained cabinet.

Do you want some fancy carvings on your entertainment center to make it stand out, no problem, we can make it.

A customize side table and/or coffee table would work as a complement to the entertainment center as well.


Bathroom Cabinets and Closets

Most important factors in the decision of your bathroom cabinets are beauty and storage.

The number of doors and drawers as well as open shelves for decorations most be well design in order to get the most out of your bathroom vanities.

Whether you need closet & vanity combination, or want, modern floating bathroom cabinet or double sink cabinet.

Do you need specific size and/or styles, this is not a problem, as we can custom build any type of vanity you need.

bathroom cabinets

Living Room Furniture

We know how important it is to choose your living room set style, and whether you go with wood living room set or upholstered set.

Sectional or sofa and loveseat combination, sofa + chaise lounge or loveseat and couple of accent chairs Well, the good news is we can help.

Do you want modern, rustic, minimalistic or classic style?

We can even custom build the living room furniture for you.

Without a doubt, the Living room is the most entertaining area in the entire house (some would say is the kitchen but that is a different story) relaxing family and friends is significant, and they will appreciate it.

For that reason, your living room set has to be appealing and more important super comfortable.

Beach rental houses have some of the most uncomfortable living room sets ever, but when you find one that is comfy, that house is already on top of the list for the next vacation time.

Large living room will involve a big set and sometimes adding couple of chair and even couple loveseat sofas would be essential in order to make the room come together, and/or perhaps a futon or rocking chair as well.

Just as important, smaller areas will require the correct sofa, loveseat or chair size.

We will make sure everything fells correct, whether it is a sectional, with or without chaise lounge, or for example the addition of a wingback upholstered chair will give the impressing of a bigger unit as well as making a one arm and one chaise lounge sofa combination will go very well into a smaller living rooms.

Moreover, and as important is the style of the coffee and side tables to supplement the living room set, But don’t worry, here is where our experience comes in. In terms of materials, we import Linen & Chenille fabrics and even work with a distributor from Miami that carries all collections of Sunbrella Fabric. Leather, Faux leather, Suede, velvet and heavy duty vinyl fabrics are available as well.

Adding an accent tables, as well as modern or classic book shelves will help bring the style of the living room all together. Also important is to choose the correct entertainment center, media console, sideboard or TV stand for your living room.

livin room furniture custom made

Synthetic Wicker, Rattan & Bamboo Furniture

Synthetic wicker furniture sets are both beautiful and durable.

Outdoor furniture blends very well in every backyard atmosphere, Sizes, distributions and styles are up to you, as we can custom make any furniture.

The good news is we can customize the furniture according the areas, for example, we can make a sectional for larger areas, or sofas, loveseats and/or chairs for smaller areas.

Our Synthetic wicker is good for a life time, I’ve seen lots of damaged synthetic wicker due to sun and rain exposure but out product is warrantied to last for a life time.

Office Furniture

Your office space needs to fell right. Lee’s customize your office area in order to maximize your useful space.

Whether you want a classic free standing desk or a more modern design that includes vertical shaves units, closet type of cabinet, bookshelves, upper cabinets combinations, no problem, we can make it.

Counter space, drawers and file cabinet positions are important in order to make your working space feel good. You could even convert your home office into a guest bedroom in seconds by adding a hiding Murphy bed (wall bed) to your office cabinets without changing the look of your office furniture.

Office furniture custom made

Kitchen hardware and handles

In order to make the most of your kitchen cabinets, closets and storage areas, hardware and organizers are a plus.

Yes, we can customize any furniture but the hardware gives us a huge variety of possibilities.

Hardware for kitchen cabinets such as:

  1. blind corner organizers
  2. lazy-suzan
  3. pantry organizers
  4. pull out shelves
  5. under sink organizer
  6. spice racks
  7. cutting board shelves
  8. pull out trash can
  9. closet hardware as pull out hampers
  10. Ironing boards,
  11. shoe racks and more.

Need a hiding secure compartment for your valuable or personal safety items, no problem, we can custom build any furniture.



Gazebos are synonymous of beauty elegance and good taste. We can adjust the style, size and distribution you need in order to make this master piece fell part of your home. Gazebos provide a unique area for relaxing time and entertaining new family memories.

The number of seating spaces, distribution of the area is not a problem, we can custom build pretty much anything.

Gazibos custom made in Costa Rica