Dining room furniture

Your dining room furniture set area will determine the shape of your dining table, whether it needs to be a rectangular table, or round table, we can make them any size you need.

There is also the option to make a dining table with extension sleeves, for example we can make a table for 6 that expanses to 8 or 10 chairs.

Dining chair styles are endless, we can make any style from modern, minimalist to a Luis XV with all its traditional carvings.

To add more style options the dining sets gives us the option to mix styles, for example, a Rustic dining table goes very well with seat and back upholstered chair with decorative nail heads, or a Gothic style table goes very nice with a modern dining chair or even a Queen Anne type of chair.

There are many different combinations. Another consideration is the arm chairs and/or wingback dining chairs at the end of the tables.

Wood carved chairs and tables would be a beautiful piece of art to your dining room. If you are looking to add more artwork into the ding room a console table or a credenza would be a good idea.

Not to mention the storage capacity and the option to place nice decorative items. One other item that matches very nice around the dining room is a china cabinet or wine cabinet.

Dining room furniture