Living Room Furniture

Living Room Furniture

We know how important it is to choose your living room set style, and whether you go with wood living room set or upholstered set.

Sectional or sofa and loveseat combination, sofa + chaise lounge or loveseat and couple of accent chairs Well, the good news is we can help.

Do you want modern, rustic, minimalistic or classic style?

We can even custom build the living room furniture for you.

Without a doubt, the Living room is the most entertaining area in the entire house (some would say is the kitchen but that is a different story) relaxing family and friends is significant, and they will appreciate it.

For that reason, your living room set has to be appealing and more important super comfortable.

Beach rental houses have some of the most uncomfortable living room sets ever, but when you find one that is comfy, that house is already on top of the list for the next vacation time.

Large living room will involve a big set and sometimes adding couple of chair and even couple loveseat sofas would be essential in order to make the room come together, and/or perhaps a futon or rocking chair as well.

Just as important, smaller areas will require the correct sofa, loveseat or chair size.

We will make sure everything fells correct, whether it is a sectional, with or without chaise lounge, or for example the addition of a wingback upholstered chair will give the impressing of a bigger unit as well as making a one arm and one chaise lounge sofa combination will go very well into a smaller living rooms.

Moreover, and as important is the style of the coffee and side tables to supplement the living room set, But don’t worry, here is where our experience comes in. In terms of materials, we import Linen & Chenille fabrics and even work with a distributor from Miami that carries all collections of Sunbrella Fabric. Leather, Faux leather, Suede, velvet and heavy duty vinyl fabrics are available as well.

Adding an accent tables, as well as modern or classic book shelves will help bring the style of the living room all together. Also important is to choose the correct entertainment center, media console, sideboard or TV stand for your living room.


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