Kitchen cabinets

The kitchen is without a doubt the heart of the house that is the reason why the main gold is to make the kitchen cabinets a breathtaking master piece.

It is the area where family gathers often to enjoy a meal or a cup of coffee or even to entertain friends. This is the reason why the space needs to be as functional and practical as possible.

Here is where we come in. We will take precise and detailed measurements of the area, as well as give you some advice according to our experience in terms of placing the correct cabinet, or set our drawers where more needed.

Once the distribution of the cabinets and appliances have been defined, it is time to start working on color samples, the correct hardware such as lazy-susan or magic corner hardware for the corner cabinets, garbage can hardware, silverware trays, cookie pans shelves, spice racks for the upper and/or lower cabinets, even pantry pull out shelves or a complete metal hardware that comes out of the pantry cabinet for a much easier use of the space.

And finally the style, we can make traditional kitchen cabinets and kitchen island that includes lots of carvings, to modern flat panel cabinets.

Some modern cabinet go very well in two tone colors, such as white and light blue combinations , or a light gray bottom cabinets and lighter gray color for the uppers.

Coastal cabinet style that includes some bamboo door panels and the We have a catalog for handles and knobs to make the decision to choose hardware much easier, although nowadays some modern kitchen cabinet styles don’t use any hardware at all. Talking about hardware, all of our doors use self-closing hinges as well as self-closing sliders on all drawers and pull outs.

Kitchen cabinets